Direct impact

Find out who is behind your favorite coffee

What is the direct impact?

We make agreements directly with families and we are always attentive to their needs. In this way we can have a positive impact. Mario Delgado (the Cusco coffee producer) explains to us that he has always managed to get by because his family cultivates a plot of 7 hectares. This area allows it to produce coffee and a wide variety of plants to meet its needs. Before working with Viajero Coffee, he and his family always had to sell their coffee to a cooperative for a disappointing and variable price. Working with Viajero Coffe offers him several advantages. He is no longer subject to price changes and has a long-term partner who agrees to buy his coffee. In addition, he has the satisfaction of knowing that his coffee will be consumed directly and not mixed in a batch of the cooperative. At Viajero Coffee we provide the solution to this problem. Direct purchase for direct impact.

Doing direct purchase at the growers we create a more relaxed atmosphere for the coffee growing family, knowing that once their harvest is selected, fermented and dried, the coffee produced during the year is already sold. For us it is synonymous with quality. The grower is no longer stressed to just produce and harvest the cherries that are not yet ripe, but will be able to concentrate on making a selective harvest. Producers have more time to take care of their crops and improve quality. The more important effect is the relationship that we thus forge with the coffee producers. Thanks to this direct link with them, we can ensure a stable and regular income for coffee growers. At Viajero Coffee, the market price of the New York or London coffee stock exchange has no influence .

A direct purchase for a direct impact!

Direct trade is an exchange with the producer. We do our best to find coffee growing families. We have decided since the creation of Viajero Coffee, that we want to find coffee producing families and make the direct purchase, without cooperatives, without intermediaries and without exporting companies in Peru.

The coffee producer is the main actor in the coffee chain

What is our procedure for buying coffee in Peru?

We just take a bus and we go to meet our producers. Yes it is an adventure which is worth it!

It is always in the part of the Peruvian jungle, whether it is north, central or south of Peru at a high altitude, between 1,000 and 2,500 meters. What in Peru is called the eyebrow of the jungle, this is where the jungle begins. Once there, we talk to the producers and over a coffee we agree on a long-term relationship. The price for their coffee is given personally with our producers. We do not follow market prices for coffee set on the New York or London Stock Exchange. We rely on the know-how of our producers and respect the time necessary for the best aromas to develop. And despite everything, we always carry out a quality analysis in the purchasing process because we also want to ensure quality coffee for our customers. During Viajero Coffee’s first year, in 2018, we bought 2.5 tonnes of parchment coffee directly from the producers.

Jungle coffee, a natural ecosystem!

Why don't we work with labels?

We are aware that the labels are enjoying growing success with Swiss customers. We are pleased to note that more and more people are concerned about the origin of what they consume. At Viajero Coffee, we ourselves go on site twice a year to meet our producers to ensure that the production is done with respect for nature and without minors’ labor. In addition, through our direct relationship, we know who is involved and what is happening on the plantation. Rather than involving other external actors, we prefer to have a relationship of trust directly with the producers. We were also able to observe on the spot that some of these labels did not have the impact that one might expect for small coffee producers.

This is how we make sure that the payment goes directly to the families and not to the various intermediaries. We are convinced that producers should get a good price for their work and it is by avoiding intermediaries that we can offer them a better price.

Mario Delgado (Cusco coffee producer) tells us that he has received a much better price since working with Viajero Coffee and that he is looking forward to working long term with us.