Compostable capsules

Compostable capsules

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Thanks to its technical and chemical properties, the agro-material VEGEMAT®100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable compostable, is intended to replace the usual petrochemical plastics found in most packaging.

The composition of the agro-material VEGEMAT® :

 The fibers

Fiber represents between 40 and 50% of the total weight of cereal plants.
Their composition in cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignins as well as their forms vary according to the parts and the botanical origin of the plant.
Associated with the thermoplastic matrix of starch and proteins, the fibers play a role of reinforcement which improves the mechanical properties of the parts carried out in VEGEMAT®.


Starch is the main chemical component of cereal plants. Concentrated in the grains in the form of granules, it is the result of the transformation of sugars by amyloplasts.
Starch has thermoplastic properties
 which are obtained by destructuring the native granule in the presence of a solute (plasticizer) under thermomechanical constraints.
The result of the destructuring is a homogeneous mixture of thermoplastic starch (Thermo Plastic Starch TPS) which can be shaped using traditional plastics processing techniques (injection, extrusion).

 The proteins

Proteins represent between 5 and 10% of the total dry mass of cereal plants.

They are heteropolymers, whose monomers are amino acids, assembled by peptide bonds to form complex three-dimensional structures.

Just like starch, Proteins have thermoplastic properties which are obtained after denaturation and plasticization. Associated with starch, proteins form the thermoplastic matrix of VEGEMAT®.


Lipids represent between 2 and 4 % of the total dry mass of cereal plants.
They are mainly contained in the germ of the grains and in the leaves in the form of waterproofing waxes.
Their lubricating action is brought into play in the obtaining of parts made of VEGEMAT®.


The additives are plasticizers and lubricants of natural origin.
They ensure the technical feasibility of VEGEMAT® without altering its biodegradability.




Jungle (very full-bodied), Blend (medium), Cusco Quellouno (medium), Cusco Huayopata (sweet), Mixed Assortment


20 pieces, 50 pieces