Oxapampa Frida

Oxapampa Frida

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Flavours of your coffee: Nutty, honey, coconut and caramel butter.
Body: intense.
Acidity: light.
Roast: medium.
Altitude: 1’600 m
Place of origin: Pasco, Oxapampa, Fundo Frida
Producer: Frida Gago.

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Frida Gago, mother and daughter produce coffee on their small plantation. After studying agronomy in Switzerland, Frida decided to start her own business and revived her family’s farm in the central jungle. A coffee produced entirely by two women, they manage this paradise together with great passion.

Place of origin: Pasco, Oxapampa, Fundo Frida
Altitude: 1’600 m
Size of the plantation: 7 hectares
Production method: Wash, washed coffee
Coffee varieties: CATIMOR 100% Arabica
Flavours of your coffee: Nuts, honey, coconut, caramel butter and citrus notes.
Acidity: light
Body: intense

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