Thanks for your loyalty and happy Anne 2024!

We will be on vacation from tomorrow December 30 until January 15. Orders received via the website will be delivered on January 16.

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The mission of Viajero Coffee

Create a travel experience through Peruvian coffee. Where the traceability of the coffee is assured at every moment. Where the main actor is the coffee producer himself. In a sustainable environment. To reinvest in sustainable methods. And to enjoy a delicious cup of Peruvian coffee at home.

A few words about us

Viajero Coffee is above all a journey. The expression of the path taken by the coffee, from the Peruvian lands to your cup.

We understand that the traceability of your coffee is important to you.

With Viajero Coffee, the intermediaries are limited, the traceability is guaranteed. You know exactly where your coffee comes from!

You can live this adventure with us and discover the richness of the Peruvian culture.

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