Coffee milk chocolate

Coffee milk chocolate

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Milk chocolate from the Peruvian jungle with coffee.
42% Amazonian cocoa made in Gruyères by master chocolatier Richard Uldry.

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Our dark chocolate from the Peruvian jungle. 71% cocoa from Peru.

Place of origin: Amazonas, Tocache, San Martin, Finca San Antonio.

Variety: criollo, forastero, trinitario and chuncho cocoa.

Ingredients: shelled cocoa beans originating from Peru, cane sugar from South America, cocoa butter from cocoa beans originating from the Dominican Republic.

Storage: Cool and dry 18 C°.

Allergens: May contain traces of milk (including lactose), almonds, hazelnuts


Rolando Herrera - Peru


Made in Gruyères, Switzerland by master chocolatier Richard Uldry. The Gruyères chocolate factory, 1663 Gruyères

Weight 80 g