EL CHOLO decaffeinated BIO

EL CHOLO decaffeinated BIO

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The aromas of your coffee: milk chocolate, honey, lemon.

Body: pronounced .

Acidity: balanced .

Roasting: intense.

Altitude: 1'500 - 2'000

Decaffeinated : swiss water method

Decaffeination is done on the still green beans, using only water. This process is a little more expensive than other methods but has the advantage of using only water to extract the caffeine from the beans.

Place of origin: Cajamarca, Peru.



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The aromas of your coffee: Notes of tropical fruits, lemon grass.

Body: means.

Acidity: balanced and slightly lemony.

Roasting: light - medium.

Altitude: 1'500 - 2'000

Place of origin: La Merced, Chanchamayo, Junin, Peru.

Producer: Señor Julio.


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