The coffees of the 2020 and 2021 harvests

We introduce you to the families that accompany us in the Viajero Coffee adventure.

The past year has been a challenging year in many ways. The year after the pandemic has been a challenge. But our philosophy is simple, stay positive and support the coffee growing families as much as possible.

The 2020 and 2021 harvests have been secured because of YOU. Yes, you read that right. The transportation and logistical challenges of getting the coffee from the plantations to Lima were not easy. But we have succeeded, not only in improving the quality but also in expanding the selection of families with whom we collaborate.

Everything has been possible thanks to you, our most loyal customers. That's why we are so pleased to introduce you to the members of our great Viajero Coffee family.

The Gago de Oxapampa family. This is the third year we have had their coffee in our assortment. Their delicious coffee with notes of caramel butter and honey is a treat for espresso lovers. Thank you Maxime and Frida Gago.

The Velarde family of Cusco Quellouno. Don Lucio and his family produce coffee in the region of Cusco. It is the first year that we collaborate with this family and we are delighted. A coffee with chocolate notes, dried fruits and a lot of body.

The producer Yimi Espinoza. Yimi is a young man with a passion for specialty coffee. We had the pleasure to meet Yimi and we instantly fell in love with his coffee. The family farm he manages includes 8 hectares in the central Peruvian Jungle, in Pasco very concretely. He is one of the few producers working with anaerobic fermentation and natural coffees in Peru. Our BLEND coffee is made with his coffee. 

The Ordoñez family of Finca Kasanto.  It is a farm where there are 10 families that produce and work the coffee. They are in the valley of Ubiriki in the region of Pasco, central jungle of Peru. They produce different types of arabica that they take care of with great care. The types of coffee that we can find in this farm are: typica, caturra, geisha and catimor. This blend gives a perfect coffee for an espresso of impeccable quality. We use it in the JUNGLE coffee of our permanent collection.

Always come and visit us at market of Fribourg every Wednesday and Saturday at Bulle. Find all our coffees in 250 gr., 500 gr. and 1 kg as well as in BULK.

Also at the roasting workshop in Rossens. Address: ZI in riaux 36, 1728 rossens (in the industrial zone)

Enjoy the tasting 🙂

Carolina de Viajero Coffee

Aeropress champion 2019-2020

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