From Peru to roasting in Switzerland

We have been working with an amazing team in Peru since the beginning of our adventure in late 2017. Since the beginning, the roasting was done in Lima by, Cesar Huaman (Viajero Coffee Peru) and Gilberto Terrones (Peruvian master roaster). These two professionals have done everything to ensure that our customers, and therefore you, are always satisfied with the quality of your little black coffee. We have had many questions from our customers about the roasting done in Peru.
You asked us why not choose a Swiss roastery 🇨🇭?
So, since January 2020, we have found a way to continue to help as many people as possible in Peru and to offer you an artisanal roasting at home (Switzerland). This local roasting brings us the freshness of a weekly roasted coffee.

cesar huaman et gilberto terrones Viajero Coffee
Cesar Huaman and Gilberto Terrones at the roastery in Lima.

You wonder where and how? Part of our roasting is done in Gland, in small batches of 5 kg of coffee. This artisanal method respects the product and ensures optimal quality.
The most important thing for us is to respect the product. We roast the coffee beans according to the altitude of the farm, the moisture content of the green beans and the variety of Arabica.


Carolina from Viajero Coffee, last delivery of green coffee 2020.

Our coffee is harvested, fermented and dried at the producer and then selected in Lima, by Cesar Huaman chemist of formation. He will create our blends with the help of an engineer "Q-Grader" of Lima. We receive the green coffee packed in 50 kg bags. During the last harvest we received 1'600 kg of green coffee from 8 families in the central jungle of Peru. In these 1'600 kg is the new coffee Oxapampa discovery.

Carolina of Viajero Coffee and Gilberto Terrones, Peruvian master roaster at the roasting plant in Lima, Peru.

Roasting in Gruyères, Pringy

In collaboration with the Chocolaterie de Gruyères, we make also an artisanal roasting in Pringy. The coffee BlendJungle and the new Oxapampa discovery are roasted in Pringy.

Coffee roaster in Pringy, view of the Moléson

We are aware that the quality level of the coffee roasted in Peru was excellent.
If there's anything we've learned in the meantime, it's that coffee is very complex. We continue to learn and improve every day. Our passion is coffee. Respecting the product of the coffee producer is essential.

Laurent from Viajero Coffee, selection and final sorting of green beans before roasting, Pringy.

A final sorting of coffee is done to ensure quality. We listen to our coffee. The development to create a roasting profile is not easy but, we are ready to meet this challenge.

Our commitment to the producing families is more present than ever. That's why this summer we will be leaving to give training to coffee producers.
It is only thanks to you that we can continue to help the small coffee producers in Peru.

Carolina from Viajero Coffee with the roaster in Pringy.

Thank you for your support 🙂

Carolina de Viajero Coffee

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