Discovery Finesse (natural coffee)

Discovery Finesse (natural coffee)

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Natural fermentation. This coffee will surprise you with its refined notes. Lurdes Cordova the producer has used a controlled fermentation technique called NATURAL. This means that the coffee is treated with a maceration with the pulp of the coffee cherry. A drying in the shade for 10 days. The finishing drying is done in African beds.

The aromas of your coffee: raspberry, strawberry, red fruit notes.
Body: juicy.
Acidity: very mild (almost none)
Roast: espresso - medium
Altitude: 1'700 to 1'800 m.
Place of origin: Cajamarca, El Huaral Peru.
Producer: Lurdes Cordova

This coffee is ideal for an espresso or filter coffee.

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Lurdes Cordova, who loves to experiment with coffee. Producer of specialty coffee. He comes from a family of coffee growers, dedicated to coffee for 2 generations.

Place of origin: CajamarcaPeru.
Altitude: 1'700m - 1'800m 
Pruning of the plantation: 7 hectares
Production method: Natural fermentation. Drying in the shade in African beds.
Varieties of coffee:  Pache and Bourbon (100% arabica)
The aromas of your coffee: Floral notes, raspberry, red fruits.
Acidity: juicy.
Body: refined citric and sweet.

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