Meeting with our producer Mario Delgado from Cusco

Discover the south of Peru: Cusco

Did you know that the word "Viajero" means traveler?

Take a sensory trip to Peru during the winter with Viajero Coffee.

Peru is a country known for its cultural wealth, but also for its coffee and its cocoa of high quality.

This year is the fifth time that Peru has won the culinary destination of South America.

Perhaps the name "Cusco" is familiar to you, it is the region where the city Inka Machu Picchu is located.

Convención Cusco
La Convención Cusco, origin of our coffee

We are pleased to present our new treasure of CuscoThis is a coffee that grows at an altitude of 1,630 meters in this region, where the climate, temperature and rainfall are ideal for producing an exceptional coffee.

The producer: Mario Delgado, 58 years old, from Cusco

The producer Mario has a unique coffee plantation, where he started working with specialty coffee only 7 years ago. It is this variety of coffee arábica bourbon yellow and red, still quite rare in Peru, that Mario cultivates with the help of his family, his son Nael and his wife Rosa.

Mario Delgado
Mario Delgado with his coffee plants

Since the beginning, Mario has been improving. It was not easy for him to change his philosophy to focus on quality rather than quantity.

How did he do it? Mario changed his fermentation, drying and storage methods to improve quality.

Café pergamino Viajero
Drying, coffee pergamino Viajero

Mario knows that every part of the production chain is crucial to achieving outstanding results in your cup of coffee.

Viajero Découverte Cusco
Viajero Discovery Cusco

Our coffee Discovery Cusco will surprise you with its notes of chocolate, cinnamon and grapefruit. It is a real delight and a treat for the palate. The sweetness of this Peruvian coffee prepared as an espresso or coffee goes beautifully with a dark chocolate 71%.

Where to find it?

On our online shop or at the market every Wednesday at the place Python in Fribourg. Our products are also on sale in several stores: you can find us in Bulle in the London Café store and coffee La Cuchaule as well as in Rossens, in Gobet store.

See you soon 🙂

Carolina de Viajero

Carolina de Viajero Coffee


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