Trip to the jungle of Cusco...

from planting to your cup

Days 2 and 3: from Cusco to Quillabamba

We started our trip in Cusco at 3'400 meters. Cusco is a city just magical, every corner hides an Inca treasure.

Inca ruins in Cusco

Small cafes are very present in this rather touristy city. The locals have understood the importance of highlighting their own products. In the region of Cusco coffees of exceptional quality.

americano coffee at Wasi, Cusco

After one day to acclimatize us to the altitude, we took the road of the adventure in direction of the jungle of Cusco. A mini bus leads us to Quillabamba, known to be the city of the eternal summer.

plaza de armas de Quillabamba, Cusco, Peru.

Quillabamba has a lot to offer. Even if it is not a big tourist town, this city has its charm. Here we got to know a young woman entrepreneur, Wilda.

She manages her coffee shop located in a small street next to a big shopping center called Roger. Daughter of a coffee producer and directly connected to the land of Cusco, she explains her passion for coffee and shares her knowledge with us. Wilda proposes us an espresso lungo and a traditional coffee, the "pasado" as we drink it in Peru. I must admit that this is how I prefer it. A coffee with sweet and caramel notes that I appreciate very much.

His little paradise is called Yunca coffee. Do not hesitate to visit her, she will be delighted to tell you her story. We continue our journey towards Huayopata, our destination.

corn fields, Cusco, Carolina de Viajero

45 minutes later, a breathtaking view awaits us. It is here, on their plantation, that we meet Mario and his wife Rosa. They are the producers of your coffee Cusco Discovery.

To follow the adventure...

Carolina de Viajero Coffee

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